Project Description


Printhead Quantity Epson DX5/2
Color CYMK
Printing Width Up to 1.8M
Printer Dimensions 3020*870*1760MM
Nozzle Quantity 1440 Pcs Nozzle
Resolution up to 1440 dpi
Output Speed 720 * 720 dpi 35m^2 /h
Weight 600kgs


  • Stable and continuous printing, using strong mechanical to ensure printing high resolution and stability.

  • Adopt professional feeding system and fit to textile without tension. Stable feed material, make sure printing process

  • No need plate making and fit to flag and scroll

  • Using constant temperature coloration box, fast temperature rising. Good tightness to guarantee the event temperature

  • Environmental smoke exhaust filter system to handle smoke efficiently and make clean work shop

  • Use open ink supply system which is compatible to more brand sublimation ink

  • LED print bed

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